The Order of Lemius was created by Lemius, the first king of the worlds. When the world was new, the gods decided that it needed a leader and the selfless Lemius was the obvious choice in the decision. But, like all humans, Lemius proved that he couldn't handle power. He began to prosecute hundreds of people, deeming all of them to be Rageracs. His followers named themselves after the decree that Lemius had instated in the elimination of Rageracs, the Order of Lemius. After a while, the people got fed up with Lemius and his senseless slaughter so that a successful coup "removed" him from kingship and there has never been another king of the worlds. But the Order lived on.&nbsp

In the modern age, the Order of Lemius emerged as a major power. On their home planet, which was the original capital of the worlds into a City Planet. With a highly sophisticated society, the Order of Lemius emerged as the most technologically advanced civilization in the galaxy. The Order still held on to the ideas of Lemius and believed in the cleansing of Rageracs in the world. To do this, they created their famous AR Blaster and a massive lazer. The lazer was so large that it was powerful enough to fry the surface of a planet up to ten light years away. Unfortunately, the lazer required massive amounts of energy and took up a year to recharge. When the Order of Lemius was destroyed by the Corvadar and the IWA, the Corvadar salvaged AR technology and the lazer beam so they could develop their own lazer and install the technology in their cruisers.