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Church of Cryptology cross placed over a grave to halt the dead

The Church of Cryptology is a religious quote that was rumored to have started around the same time Lemius died. Some people have started a rumor that the Church of Cryptology was the corrupted form of the Order of Lemius, although research shows that the two were not similiar in any way. The Church of Cryptology believed in Reincarnation and anybody that died was considered a devil and would haunt the land. The Church of Cryptology feared the dead above all else and would put crosses over graves to stop the spirits from coming to take revenge and some devoted members wore crosses around their necks or got tatoo crosses on their chest. The Church believed that the IWA and Corvadar war was evil as it caused so many people to die on the open battlefield and fought both Empires savagely

Ironically, the priests of the Church practiced Necromancy, the art of raising the dead. They would use these zombies to perform mock battles to awe other members of the Church or to use it against the Corvadar and IWA. But mostly, the zombies were used in propaganda to heighten people's fear of the dead and to improve their loyalty to the Church. The priests were highly corrupt and desired power more than anything and would sacrifice anyone to get it. The deluded members of the Church followed them loyally, not knowing how crazed their leaders were.