Vampire s symbol by MrsWesker

Symbol found on all of the Surasia Cartel packages

The Surasia Drug Cartel has been around as long as anyone currently alive in the galaxy and all of the galaxy history books can possibly remember. So as far as anyone cares, it's been around since the beggining of colonization of the galaxy. It is unsure how the cartel started but it is known that the ringleaders were several kingpins from around five different planets pooled their resources and the Surasain Drug Cartel was the result. At first, the Surasians were of little or no concern to Rasharvok seeing as they operated in the far east region of the galaxy and Rasharvok was somewhere around the center and had bigger problems than the cartel. But slowly but surely, the cartel began to make its way eastward and the Government soon found itself pouring in it's own resources to expel the cartel from their sector of the galaxy and eventually from the galaxy itself.

The first appearance of the drug cartel was when several Surasians opened fire on Governement officials on the planet of Borgadar. The incident occured when the officials asked the Surasians if they could show them the contents of their crates while they were trying to force their way past a checkpoint right before a bridge. In the resulting firefight, five Governemnt officals were killed and two more were wounded with zero losses for the Surasians. &nbsp