Red Syndicate shoulder patch

Red Syndicate was the chief orginization when it came to stopping the Grand Genocide, which was the extermination of nearly all the red-haired individuals in the galaxy. Although well-equipped, well-financed, and well organized, the group was notoriously known for almost always failing in their operations. Almost every time they attempted a mission that was deemed as almost routine, the inexplicable would always happen and Red Syndicate operatives would always either end up dead or shipped off to nearby death camps to get branded and then get killed. Red Syndicate met its demise towards the end of the Grand Genocide, when the entire Red Syndicate high command was discovered in a remote space station and they were all taken away for imediate termination. With the end of Red Syndicate came the end of the Grand Genocide, as the leaders of the genocide could no longer find any more gingers to kill

Red Syndicate began on the same planet the genocide began on, the relatively unkown planet of Pormacia. Realizing that the genocide was spiraling out of control with swift efficency, a group of red-haired indivduals met in a destroyed red-haired ghetto and collectively became known as the Red Syndicate. Once formed, the Red Syndicate, led by revouloutionary George Herming, began to perform terrorism activities on citizens of Pormacia attempting to execute the genocide. These operations were largely unsuccessful, despite the inclusion of thousands of Red Syndicate operatives in most of the attacks. However, attacks by Red Syndicate proved to be highly disruptive to Pormacia's government and they dispatched calls for help across the galaxy. As news of the Grand Genocide and of Red Syndicate spread, the wars fought between the two groups became known as the Red Wars. Meanwhile, Delta Cell and Omega Unit operatives, who had just recently banded together to halt the red-hair crisis, led massive offensives against Red Syndicate lands. These large-scale battles were always one by the combined spec ops groups, with a maximum of five casualties compared to Red Syndicate's avaerage of five thousand deaths a battle. Pretty soon, all members of Red Syndicate on Pormacia were dead.

Red Syndicate was able to spread to other planets, though and there were soon groups all across the galaxy determined to save the gingers. However, most of these groups were weak and were crushed after only a few weeks of fighting. In one famous historical battle, Red Syndicate operatives in Rasharvok detonated explosives inside an apartment building. The explosives caused massive damage to the building's infrastructure and slightly injured two adjacent buildings. No buildings were destroyed in these attacks. In the following battle, which pitted around three million Red Syndicate members against one thousand city secruity huards, all of Red Syndicate was eliminated in the battle. Herming himself was killed in the battle when he was run over by a hastily retreating Red Syndicate tank. What followed after was the elmination of the Red Syndicate High Command and the evntual end of Red Syndicate itself.