City of Rasharvok at night

The city of Rasharvok is quite possibly one of the most fascinating cities in the whole galaxy. It is the capital of the galaxy, where represenatives meet to discuss major issues from planet pollution problems to galaxywide conflicts. There are two represenatives for each planet so this makes for quite a large council. The represeantives all have equal say in voting and vetoing laws, creating an effective checks and balances system but it does take quite a while for laws to get through. The Government has been weakened by corruption from the inside and Delta Cell activity from the outside and has only the loosest control over the planets in their galaxy by this time. However, they are officialy still in power and anyone brought to the Rasharvok to face the Governement should proabably fear for his life because the Government does not take lightly to criminals.

As for the city itself, Rasharvok is unlike any city in the entire galaxy. It is a shield world, which means that the atmosphere is a powerful shield in addition to everything an atmosphere does to help supply a planet. It is also techinically not a planet. It is a completely artificial world constructed by a strange race from thousands of years ago called the Torvarians. Not much is known about this ancient race except that their constructs can be found throughout the galaxy. Unlike most cities, Rasharvok does not have air travel. Instead, expensive cars and buses travel the extensive system of roads that connect the entire city. This road system is remarkably complex and