Order of Lemius anti-Ragerac promotional poster

Rageracs are the reanimated bodies of bilologic creatures killed by Rageracs. They first appeared on the planet of Gariasica, after an experiment from the mega company Argon Lens went horribly wrong. A Ragerac can perform sorcery and necromancy, as well as being far more powerful than it was in its original state. Once a body is reanimated, the small amount of Ragerac that lies within its person is magnified and multiplied until it consumes their entire body. There is a slight drawback to this transformation, however. Many people fear Rageracs as they don't want to become Rageracs themselves and they will avoid them. Second, their powers are drawn to an artifact called the Energy Oracle. This triangle shaped building seemingly lets out an aura of mysterious power that turns anyone within a couple miles into Rageracs. It is located on the Ragerac home planet of Gariasica. This building apparently controls all Rageracs and dictates their feeling but how it does so is unknown. There are some rebel Rageracs that fight for the good of the and are actively trying to destroy the Energy Oracle and in theory, all the Rageracs tied to its power.

Some estremeist groups such as the Order of Lemius and the Church of Cryptology have taken it into their hands to destroy all Rageracs, including the good ones. These groups often have a tendency to get other people killed as well trying to get rid of the Rageracs. The Church, for example, will kill the entire population of a planet, believing that every sentient being not converted by the Church has the potential to become a Ragerac. The Order of Lemiushave used a massive lazer that burns the surface of a planet to ash in order to eradicate the infestation of Rageracs. These groups also use propoganda posters, some portraying the Rageracs as mindless zombies and others even carry instructions on what to do if a local infestation broke out.