A space station in the Nardura Sector (completely taken over by pirates).

Pirates can be found throughout the galaxy. They are not the pirates that you would originally think of, however. No, these pirates come from a modern age and use modern tactics and are usually equipped with modern weaponry. They will launch most of their coordinated attacks on unsuspecting space stations, causing the owners of these stations to ramp up their security in order to defend against the pirate threat. The Government does its best to stem the ever-growing numbers of pirates but their tactics have been proved uneffective as pirates are difficult to find when not pillaging and when they do pillage, it is in an extremely short amount of time, not enough time for the Government soldiers to grab them. Pirates continue to spread terror up to this day and are equally feared and loathed by the average citizen of the galaxy. However, perhaps no pirates are more famous than the extensive number of pirates from the Nadura Sector, an extremely hostile area in the galaxy not far from the capital of the Government itself.