Ruins of the JST outpost on Lagora

The Lagora System Incident was the worst disaster that ever occured in Julran Shield Technologies. An attempt to regain their confidence within the Government, JST only succeeded in bringing their company to the lowest it has ever been with the Lagora System Project. The ambitious project ended with the destruction of the company's greatest laboratories and the deaths of many of their leaders. At the time, the Lagora System Project seemed to be a good idea and many members of the JST High Command believed that if the project succeeded, it would bring the Government to their knees begging for JST's new product. And Government worship was just the thing that JST craved at the moment. Omega Unit operatives had discovered the potential of the MSV Valturnica's shields and immediately suspected JST. The Government had been hesitant to disband the company and it took a lot of bribes to finally keep the Omega Unit off JST's backs. But in secret, the Government called up the JST High Command and fined them obscene amounts of money to help finance protection for Rasharvok just in case the Corvadar or the IWA threatened invasion. But when the High Command members returned to the JST factories, they were far from bitter and were willing to get back into Government good books. That's when they proposed their plans to start the Lagora System Project.

The Lagora System Project was ambitious, expensive, and dangerous from the start. The design was a large and powerful; shield that could go around an entire planet. This had been done before but JST was ready to take the idea to a whole new level. For the first time ever, a shield was going to be completely impermeable rather than just a transparent wall that would fall under constant bombardment. This shield would be activated when a planet was under siege and they needed protection frm orbital bombardment. But that was not all. The shield was modeled after a body cell, letting things out and nothing in. This would allow the defenders to hit the attackers and the attackers would be powerless to stop them.

To accomplish such a project, JST needed extensive supplies of energy, particulary large amounts of energy from the infamous and highly dangerous substance known as Element-Z. They found a planet, the deserted planet of Lagora had extensive amounts of Element-Z underneath the surface. Once the research teams touched ground, they found Lagora completely empty of life, covered with rolling rock plains. Empty shells of cottages showed that people obviously used to inhabit the planet but the reason they had vanished was unknown. Disregarding these omens, JST teams began to build factories and mine underneath the surface in where they believed the most Element-Z was stored. The miners were happy that they found thousands of pounds of Element-Z and immediately unloaded their finds in close proximity with each other. These massive Element-Z dumps were stored in containment chambers in the newly built factories until they were ready for usage.

Finally, construction on the Lagora System Project began about three months into the conveying of the project. Several of the miners who had found the Element-Z died of an unknown and unidentified disease around this same time period. JST leaders disregarded this as well, instead instructing the remaining miners to build mass graves as the dead started to accumulate steadily. Some people voiced concern about overexposure to Element-Z but their cries were ignored by the JST High Command. It was then when a massive epidemic swept through the complex, killing hundreds working on the Project. Cause of death was unknown and Forensic Scientists examining the bodies could find nothing physically wrong with them. The dead were ferried out in trucks as swiftly as possible, as many people believed that the dead bodies were a factor in infecting the living. Finally, as the death toll continued to mount, JST decided to call the Project off. All of the surviving members were brought off the planet through the means of evac transport. However, a small number remained behind to move the partially constructed shield to a new laboartory. As they loaded the shield onto a large cargo ship, the Element-Z reacted badly with the new air inside the cargo ship. It promptly exploded, killing everyone who had remained on the planet in one massive eruption. JST successfully covered up the horrible incident but those who visit Lagora can still find the remains of what had begun as the Lagora System Project.