Energy Oracle after its destruction by the IWA

The Energy Oracle was a massive, pyramid like structure orginally built by Argon Lens in order to siphon electricity from the experiments of Project Issac. Although it was intitialy successful, the test subject died and became the first ever Ragerac. This Ragerac empowered the Energy Oracle, seeming to either power it or augment its energy in some way. Either way, the Energy Oracle turned from an energy suction cup into a symbol of the Rageracs. This object has been sought after by the Church of Cryptology and the Order of Lemius for many years but they have not been close to the homeworld of the Rageracs in fear of being turned into Rageracs themselves.

The Energy Oracle is the symbol of the Rageracs and the source of their power. The extremeist groups devoted to the destruction of Rageracs believe that it is merely a symbol of religious keepsake but experts believe that the truth is something more. They believe that the Energy Oracle ties all Rageracs to its control and feeds them directions possibly through a higher figure. These experts also believe that the renegade Rageracs are those who have broken free of its control so if they destroyed the Energy Oracle, all the Rageracs tied to its power would also be destroyed.

Many years after the events of Project Issac, the IWA sent in a strike team to neutralize the Energy Oracle. They used special heavy suits and the magic from renegade Rageracs to help shield them from the effects of the Energy Oracle. Fighting their way to the pedestal on where the Energy Oracle stood, the IWA soldiers used a high powered missle to destroy it. Immediately following this, all the Rageracs tied to the power died from the after blast. But also, the huge hole that was blasted by the missle revealed a control panel that was hooked up to the Energy Oracle. And sitting at that control panel was Argon Lens buisness leader, Darius Sarmen.

After being found by the IWA, Darius was found guilty and sentenced to execution for crimes against humanity. He was hung on October 14, thirty five years after Project Issac.&nbsp