Space Frigate View 1 by eRe4s3r

Model of Corvadar Destroyer

The Corvadar Destroyer and the Corvadar Frigate are essentially the same thing except for the fact that Destroyers are quicker and more powerful. As a Frigate is more designed for transporting Dropships and for support roles, the Corvadar Destroyer is on the front lines, using hit and run tactics in order to achieve their goal of destruction. The Corvadar have used their Destroyers to great effect and more often than not, Corvadar Destroyers have won out over the stronger and better armed IWA cruiser. In the case of the Battle of Coranulus Run, a group of Corvadar Destroyers ended up annihalting a fleet of three IWA cruisers and a Space Station to boot to result in the worst IWA space military defeat of all time.

Destroyers tend to operate in "wolf packs" in order to achieve their goals. Never was the advantage of these wolf packs more evident than the Battle of Coranulus Run, where Corvadar Destroyers used speed and numbers to outmanuever and confuse the larger IWA cruisers and the Space Station. Although stronger than the Corvadar Destroyers, the Space Station and the Cruisers were helpless and most of their shots missed their marks. A lone Destroyer on the other hand is basically useless and most of them are destroyed if they are ever caught alone.

Corvadar Destroyers were orginally designed for scouting rather than combat. Their light to medium power cannons took a long time to take down shields and the shields covering the Desrtroyer could usually be taken down with two or three good shots from a IWA cruiser. The boost feature located on the back of the Corvadar Destroyer's eigines were designed for a speedy escape but the Corvadar soon realized that the boost could be used to great effect at zipping around lazer fire. Also on the ship were escaped pods used to evacuate the Destroyer but the Corvadar realized that these pods could be used as excellent drop pods to board a ship.