Argon Lens Project Issac cover

Argon Lens was the mega company that seemingly started the outbreaks of Rageracs. The company regular manufactured glasses, contacts, microscopes, and even telescopes equipped with special featuressuch as bio scan and language translator. These heavy info improvements made Argon Lens extremely popular and its leader, Darius Sarem, to be a kind of a saint. Darius Sarem announced oneday that Argon Lens was starting a new project but the puplic was not to know what it was until it released so the puplic could get a surprise. Five years into this project, centered on the planet Gariasica, Argon Lens went dark. A Recovery Team was dispatched to figure out what happened but they found nothing as the Argon Lens buildings on Gariasica were completely abandoned and furthur research showed that all records on the project had been deleted following the time the government lost contact with Argon Lens.

The experiment that Argon Lens performed on Gariasica was considered pure insanity. Even critics that had often called Darius Sarem eccentric and dangerous did not see the massive crazed experiment coming. From what the IWA salvaged from the Argon Lens buisness buildings, the project, codenamed Project Issac, it was designed to use high volts of electricity inside the body to release the Ragerac within. Every being has a bit of Ragerac in them and Darius believed that if he could awaken that Ragerac, it would make the person in question extremely powerful. The body was to be covered in rubber and electrical cords were to be inserted through surgical means. The subjects in these experiments were eager volunteers, hoping to get a share of this promised power. The first experiments were complete failures and the furthur ones were as well. The next three years that followed were years of mindless slaughter. Hundreds of variations of tests were run but instant death was always the same result. The volunteers for Project Issac wanted to back out but Darius had them thrown into cells and had them wait for their turn. After three years of failure, even Sarem was about to declare Project Issac obsolete when a scientist colleague approached him saying that if they had a central building that could absorb power, it could be pulled from the human long enough for them to stay alive. Darius considered this and two years later, the Energy Oracle was created. When tested, it was at first deemed a success. The test subject sat up after being experimented on and took in the surroundings of the room. The Biotech scientists realized too late that the subject's vitals had flatlined. The subject fired a shot of Ragerac at the Energy Oracle, causing a blue wave to come out, turning those nearest into the first Rageracs. The lab was completely destroyed along with surrounding Argon Lens buildings. Darius was rumored to have died as well and a note was found stating that Project Issac was deemed a failure and was signed by Darius Sarem.